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What’s interesting and also discouraging for a lot of businesses and independent professionals is that 9,999 out of 10,000 apps completely fail. With the success rate of apps being a whopping 0.5%, this is one of the primary reasons that mobile app design services are in such hand demand.

The harsh truth is that unless you’re both an app developer and a talented UX/UI designer, the chance that your app will succeed is slim.

The chance that it will actually be ‘enjoyed’ by your target users is even more unlikely. Mobile app design can be tricky. Many app DIYers go for aesthetics but leave out the user value. They may even use drag-and-drop pre-built services because it’s easy, but completely forget to do pre-build research.

When trying to do it yourself, something is likely to be left out. Keep reading to get the full picture of why you need to seek professional help for your mobile app and what you can expect if you decide to cut corners on the design process.

Where Are Professionals Going Wrong With Their Mobile Apps?

Businesses struggle with app development because they don’t prioritize app trends. Oftentimes they are more narrow-sighted and only prioritize their ideas versus what the consumer needs and wants. This is the problem. Subpar app development won’t reach or keep target audiences.

This type of project can be costly and time-consuming. However, utilizing professional app development services will cut down on development time and cut down on challenges you could face with design.

Some businesses simply skip this when starting with creating their app to save money. However, money isn’t often saved, and more time is wasted when you take the DIY approach. Exactly 25% of users completely abandon an app after only using it once.

The reason for this is the developer fails to meet the user’s needs or expectations. A lot of the time, this happens in the design phase.

A Reduction in Overhead Costs

Keep in mind that mobile app design is another term for branding services. When you create a mobile app interface, you are creating an extension of your business.

When you are using professional mobile app design services, you are able to include only what you need rather than a suite of forced features. This is a significant benefit because now, you’re saving money because you aren’t paying for what you don’t need.

When you work with professional app design services, you can provide developers with only the essential features that you need to run your business. After you get an idea of what you need and how much that costs, you can start to add additional features as needed. Doing it this way provides more price transparency.

When you identify the sequences of your user journey, this will give your developer a starting point. The reason this matters is that it limits the chance for mistakes. This is also something that most businesses don’t give themselves a chance to do…avoid mistakes in their app design.

Being able to tailor your app to your user journey could save thousands in the long run. It also reduces the number of times that you would have to alter your app design after the initial launch.

Increased Profitability From Expert Designs

Tapping into expert designs means that you are getting expert development and execution. Designs that are created with expert services are more likely to attract more attention and bring in more profit. They are significantly easier when it comes to maintenance which will save you money. They are highly scalable as well.

These benefits are things that you might not experience if you create an app on your own. Additionally, you can expect enhanced security measures. The reason for this is that more generalized apps on the marketplace are significantly lacking in specialty features as they pertain to security.

With that, you need to be aware that 83% of apps have at least one security flaw. That percentage includes apps that were made by experienced professionals. Just think about how many security flaws your design might have if you don’t tap into expert services.

You are likely to also notice you’ll gain a significant advantage over your competitors simply from customization.

Better Ranking on Marketplaces

The things that impact how well your app ranks on marketplaces are often things that inexperienced professionals won’t consider when putting an app together. Your app’s title, the end-to-end user experience, the use of targeted keywords, and the UI of it all play a part.

Your app’s success will rely heavily on the reviews that you get from consumers. Simply put, if your app is not impressive enough, you aren’t likely to get good reviews. With subpar reviews, you aren’t likely to get continued usage or interest from consumers.

There are three primary components to ranking in an app store. These include the velocity of downloads and engagement that your app gets. It will also include the session frequency or total time that consumers are spending in your app.

In addition to those components, app ranking will rely on the number of new users that are added to it. Overall, the better your ratings and your reviews, the better your overall ranking score will be.

A Lasting First Impression

It only takes seconds for a consumer to judge a product. First-time user experiences can make or break the success of an app. It can also set a certain precedence on the marketplace for your app solely based on one review.

A first-chance user experience is your opportunity to reel a consumer in and keep them on your platform. It’s also the user’s opportunity to form a connection with the app or quickly uninstall it. You also want to remember that your app is one of the faces of your business.

This means that depending on how good your app is, the engagement and investment in your products and services will be affected. An app is just another method of branding. It’s how consumers recognize you and resonate with you. Without that consumer connection, you aren’t likely to succeed in an app marketplace.

Overall, your business could suffer as consumers know that they can still find your business on their web browsers. If a consumer comes across your app before they come across your website, and they aren’t impressed, you aren’t likely to secure their business (or at least not for long).

If consumers come across your website first and they aren’t impressed, they aren’t likely to engage with your app. Using professional app design services can combat this potential circle of failure.

Hands-off Growth for Your Business

App design mistakes are, unfortunately, very common. However, with professional help, it’s easier to avoid these mistakes while also supporting positive growth for your business.

Mobile apps can help to boost the credibility of your company and build relevance among your target audiences. It creates familiarity among consumers and builds trust as well.

You have to also consider that it’s an easy and low-cost way to enhance the business-client/customer relationship. If your app can showcase special offers and your company portfolio, all while making servicing your customers simpler, it will enhance customer loyalty.

All of these things help to build customer loyalty, and this is what will feed the growth of your business. The main way that this works is that apps help to boost brand awareness.

Professionally made applications are another gateway into brand recognition. They also boost project productivity for both staff and potential clients. If you want to grow your business, mobile apps are a great way to monitor business relationships and are one of the simplest ways to get ahead of product marketing, considering that the marketplace does a lot of this for you. 

The Ease of Making Changes Without the Worry of Compromising the Design

A lot of businesses don’t realize that with mobile apps, it’s not as simple as designing them and never touching them again. The most popular apps are updated once a week

The UI of an app alone will need to be updated every three to five years. This isn’t even considering the potential growth of your business and the need to update your app’s microcopy.

This also doesn’t include routine maintenance and security updates. Those who aren’t experienced with app development are likely to negatively alter things within the app if they have to continue going into it to make changes or update app content. Using a professional mobile app design service will eliminate this concern.

Leveraging Mobile App Design Services to Get Ahead of Your Competitors

Having an all-in-one solution for mobile app design services can skyrocket your business efforts. Professionally done apps can help to boost brand awareness and provide instant customer service. It’s a low-cost way to help improve customer loyalty and drive more profit all at the same time.

If you want to become more competitive in your niche and place your company as a leader in your industry, this is the way to do it. With professional services, it’s never been easier to leverage customer insights and build applications that optimize the experience of your clients.

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Proof of Concept and Design

We participated in the complete design and proof of concept phase of the wearable watch, ensuring that the product was optimized for performance and user experience. Our team of engineers and designers worked together to create a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, making it a great choice for anyone looking to stay safe and healthy.

IoT Development Life Cycle

The development of the wearable watch was guided by the IoT development life cycle, which involves several phases including planning, design, development, testing, and deployment. Our team followed this process to ensure that the watch was developed to the highest standards and that it would meet the needs of users.


Our custom wearable watch is a cutting-edge product that provides real-time monitoring of vital signs and detects sudden falls. It integrates a range of sensors and runs on a tiny lithium-ion battery, and it transmits data over LoRa-based long-range communication for comprehensive health analysis and emergency assistance. We participated in the complete design and proof of concept phase, and we followed the IoT development life cycle to ensure that the product was developed to the highest standards.