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We specialize in providing services to logistics companies. One of our areas of expertise is building solutions for cross border logistics, which involves the transportation of goods across international borders. 

To ensure smooth and efficient cross-border logistics, we have developed a range of technical solutions that address various challenges faced by logistics companies. These include solutions for tracking and monitoring shipments, managing customs clearance and compliance, optimizing routes and schedules, and more.


In addition to our expertise in cross border logistics, we also have experience in building solutions for Last mile delivery and On-demand delivery. 


Last mile delivery refers to the delivery of goods from a transportation hub to the final destination, which is typically the customer’s location. 


On-demand delivery involves providing real-time delivery services to customers based on their immediate needs.

To support these types of delivery services, we have developed software that can handle

Allows customers to track the status of their delivery in real-time.

Allows customers to choose a specific time or date for their delivery.

Allows customers to store and manage multiple delivery addresses.

Allows customers to track their package from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered.

Provides customers with a convenient way to place orders and track deliveries on their mobile device.

Allows customers to pay for their deliveries online, using a credit card or other secure payment method.

Provides customers with a way to get quick answers to common questions, or to contact a customer service representative.

Allows customers to confirm that they have received their delivery.

Allows customers to rate and review their delivery experience.

Provides customers with an electronic copy of their receipt, which they can access and save on their device.

Helps the delivery company to plan the most efficient routes for its delivery drivers.

Allows the delivery company to track and manage its fleet of vehicles, including maintenance, fuel consumption, and more.

We have also developed domain-level knowledge in the following technical areas

Our solutions enable logistics companies to track and manage their inventory in real time, ensuring that they have the right goods in the right place at the right time.

Our solutions allow logistics companies to optimize their transportation operations by automating routing, scheduling, and dispatch processes.

We have developed solutions that help logistics companies manage their warehousing and fulfillment operations, including receiving, storing and shipping goods.

Our solutions enable logistics companies to better serve their customers by providing them with real-time tracking and status updates, as well as handling customer inquiries and complaints.

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Overall, our goal at Synaptech is to help logistics companies streamline and optimize their operations through the use of advanced software and IT consulting services. Regenerate response


What our customers say

Synaptech's custom software solutions have transformed our food delivery business. Their innovative approach resulted in a user-friendly app that streamlined orders, enhanced customer experiences, and boosted our efficiency. We're delighted with the outcome and highly recommend Synaptech for food delivery IT needs.
Darren M.
Synaptech's tailored software solutions have significantly improved Raley's last-mile logistics. Their expertise and innovative approach resulted in an efficient system that reduced delivery times, optimized routes, and increased customer satisfaction. We highly recommend Synaptech for last-mile logistics IT needs.
Zac W
Director of Digital Commerce
Synaptech revolutionized our logistics and cross-border operations with their custom software solutions. They streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and ensured compliance. Their exceptional support helped us achieve remarkable growth. Highly recommended for logistics and cross-border IT needs.
James Anderson